Deals, Steals and Coupons

I am seriously addicted to all these group discount sites that offer deep discounts on a vast array of services, restaurants and shopping deals. I am subscribed to Groupon and Living Social. I noticed this week that Amazon has a similar one too called Amazon Local.

One of the deals I scored recently was an unlimited all you can play pass at Scandia which includes miniature golf.  Only Kuya has gone miniature golfing before. I think it's a fun family activity but it can get a little expensive when you take into account that we are a family of 6 players. So the deal at Scandia is a really good one for our family.

We're not a golfing family but BIL is. I saw at Living Social one time a really nifty deal for 18 holes at the course near their house. I considered getting the deal and gifting it for his birthday but saw that the expiration was before his birthday so no can-do. Maybe monogrammed golf balls instead? I wonder if they will be available on Groupon. Hmmm...

Another discount site that I absolutely love is Babysteals and Kidsteals. They put up a deal a day with limited quantities. Sometimes the steals go quickly, like within the hour they put them up. I've discovered some quality products through these sites. And if I were not careful, I could easily rack up those charges on our American Express.

Do you have any other favorite discount sites I need to check out?