Laughter All The Time

I wish there was laughter all the time in our home. It occurs frequently enough though. There are squabbles, screams and cries in between but for the most part, I think we're a pretty happy family.

This is currently my favorite pic of the kids. A candid shot one evening. We were getting ready for our prayers before bedtime. Things around the house had been picked up - toys, clothes, books and other stuff. The kids were scrubbed. Teeth were brushed. Everything was winding down. I handed Baby to her Kuya as I made a quick trip to the bathroom. Upon my return, I saw the 4 older siblings around Baby. They were playing and laughing. Oh what sweet sound to my ears. I happened to take the shot as they burst out laughing about something. It was absolutely perfect timing. Makes me smile every time I see this pic. It warms this mom's heart to see her kids enjoying each other's company.

This is family. This is building relationships. This is what it's all about!


Kaje | Wednesday, July 06, 2011 6:54:00 PM

wonderful capture Joy! I can feel and hear the laughter from here :) nagoosebumps pa nga ako hehe