Simple Woman's Daybook - 28 May

Today ...

Outside my window ... it's cloudy with a bit of sun peeking through.

I am thinking ... of my husband who is asleep in the other room.

I am thankful for ... my baby girl who is 12 weeks today.

From the kitchen ... Mama made guinataan yesterday. I need to stay away from it for my diet's sake!

From the learning rooms ... DD1 is starting on multiplication. Whoa!

I am wearing ... white shirt and white loved-to-bits shorts. Those well-loved tattered stuff are the comfiest pieces of clothing, aren't they?

I am creating ... memories with my children.

I am going ... to finish the attendance records and final learning plans of the kids.

I am reading ... the newspaper articles on Mike Brown, the new Lakers coach.

I am hoping ... to cultivate a nurturing environment in my home.

I am hearing ... the washing machine on my left and the whir of lawnmowers outside on my right.

Around the house ... the kids are reading: DS, the sports section of the newspaper, DD1 & DD3, books, DD2, last year's yearbook.

One of my favorite things ... is Citrus Crush hand soap/hand gel from Bath & Body Works.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... are to go to the lab to get my blood sugar tested, meet with Caffe Allegro for DD4's baptism reception.

Here is a picture I am sharing ... taken exactly a year ago. A nice little reminder for me. I have the power to make my every day happy despite circumstances and people beyond my control. How appropriate for today.