Pre-Memorial Day Weekend

Last Sunday, we were able to go visit the final resting place of DH's uncle in Vacaville. He served and retired from the Navy. Our visit there was the last leg of our Northern California trip. It was timely too since it was a week from Memorial Day.

We visited his widow and stayed there a while. There was some miscommunication as she thought we were going to stay overnight so she cooked a lot of food. We were there at noon and stayed until dinner before we headed for home. We had sinigang for lunch. It was a little different from the sinigang we are used to because she used fresh calamansi and lemons from her garden to sour the broth. It was quite a filling lunch! Though we weren't quite hungry for dinner yet, we were yet served with mechado. You bet we left her house with our stomachs quite full. If that were not enough to make me run for lipozene reviews, she had also made a huge batch of arroz caldo. She was going to serve it for breakfast. Since we were not staying for breakfast, she made us bring it home. OMG! It was a huge batch. I teased her that we were a big family with 5 kids but the food she cooked could've fed a battalion. I did appreciate all her cooking. I felt the love there. Thank you Tita J!! Till we visit you again.


Karen | Saturday, June 18, 2011 1:13:00 PM

Hi Joy! It's always wonderful to stay in touch with family. The kids are getting so big! When I started reading your blog, they were just babies! God bless!