The Streets of San Francisco

During our pre-memorial weekend mini-vacay, we spent a day on the streets of San Francisco. From Turlock, we went straight to San Francisco. DH had a whole day planned out but we really did not get to do much because we had a late start. DD1 was also not feeling too well. She had a stomach ache when she woke up that morning. She could not eat at all. When we were headed to the Presidio, we had to pull over because she was going to throw up. My poor baby. She felt a little better after that but she still wasn't it tiptop shape.

We decided not to walk and explore the Presidio. We just headed into the streets of San Francisco and ride the cable cars. I've been to San Francisco several times but this was my first time to ride the cable cars. We had fun going up and down the hilly streets. I had a blast looking at all the homes we passed. I'm sure these were all million dollar homes. They all looked fabulous. I love that they seemed to have different characters. Most of the time, I often see pre-manufactured homes in the suburbs. This was such a feast to the eye to see all the colors and styles.

The kids and I sat on the benches and DH stood on the side. It reminded me of back home, where men would ride "sabit" on jeepneys.

After our roundtrip ride, we had dinner then walked around Pier 39. By this time, DD1 was wiped out and she rode the stroller while I had the baby worn on my Ergo. The kids enjoyed the sea lions of course. DD3 was thrilled when she made sounds that the sea lions seemed to respond. She joyfully announced that she could talk "sea lion!" LOL!

We did not get to do all that we wanted to do in San Francisco that day. But it was all good. We still got to spend time as a family. DD1 may have not been feeling well but she was a trooper. I love that we were able to go places as a family. I'm sure that we will lovingly look back at this time and recall the memories we made together.