Extended Vacation

DH has been on an unexpected extended vacation. He has been hired as an Ortho PA but is unable to start until all paper work and credentialing are done. What we assumed would be a simple 1-2 weeks of processing has taken much longer.
The upside: he's spending a lot more time at home with me and the kids. The children love having him home of course. He's also started to work on some stuff that he had to put aside because of his previously hectic schedule. Stuff around the house that needs some tinkering are also being attended to by my ever-handy DH. He has asked me to be on the lookout for sales for power tools and maybe other stuff like band saw blades
that he might need for his projects.
The downside: it's an unpaid vacation. Sadly, no work, no pay. God is good, though we are not in want of anything.

Right now, we are simply enjoying our time together. I praise God for the gift that DH is!