Baby Love

Sigh...Baby seems to have developed infant acne. Not that I'm really concerned though. I know that it does not affect Baby at all. I'm more concerned about the appearance, that's all. There was a time, during my first baby that I would have searched for acne home remedies to use to relieve it. I know better now. There isn't anything I can do except wait it out. This time isn't as bad as my last baby's. Or at least not yet. She has some on either side of her forehead. At least her face is still clear. She's still as beautiful and cute as ever of course!

I am so in love with her. There are times when I feel like my heart will just about burst with love. Sigh. Whoever said that it will be hard to love so many kids clearly has not had more than a couple of kids. My love for these children is not divided among them. It's not like I only have 100% and each will just have a fraction of that love. With each child born to our family, the capacity to love in my heart grows a hundredfold. Each child receives 100% of the love I am able to give.

I guess this is similar to how God loves us. We don't have to vie for His love. We can be confident that He loves us 100% all the time for all eternity.


Mia Castrillo | Sunday, April 24, 2011 7:38:00 PM

I've read somewhere that a mother's heart grows bigger with every child born. I totally agree!