30-Day Shred Starts Today

On the road to the wedding in September, the bride and I are working our way to a fitter and more toned body. T and I are starting Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred Workout DVD today. I've also invited H, another friend to join us. We're doing it on our own time. T will be doing it in the morning before she gets ready for work. I have not set time for the workout. It will probably get done in the middle of the day or at night when I can hand off baby to someone else.

Here's my plan:
- Do the workouts 6 days a week...with Sundays off. That gives me 5 weeks to go through 1 cycle. After a whole 30 days, I will take a week off from the DVD but still walk or run on the treadmill. Then a whole new cycle begins.

I'm estimating that we'll get through about 3 cycles before the wedding. However, that's assuming that we stick to the workout! LOL! That's where having T and H as workout buddies will help. We'll have someone to whom we're accountable. Plus, this blog. I'll try to blog about my progress as often as I can. Other than making me accountable, I think it will be a wonderful account/journal of the progress I will be making.

30-Day Shred DVD? Check!
Rubber shoes? Check!
non skid mat? Check!
Hand weights? Check!
Positive attitude? Check!

I think we're all set!