30-Day Shred Day 2

Yes, I've made it to day 2. Can I get a woot-woot?
This is supposed to get easier, right? Why do I feel like it was much harder today? I was only on circuit 1 and my muscles were shaking already. Well, my muscles were shaking even before starting the workout. Seemed like they knew what was coming and were already shaking in fear.
It will get easier right?
It should get easier!
Somebody please assure me it's going to get easier.

You know what pulled me through today? I had exercise companions! My 3 girls were doing the exercises with me. They were groaning along with me, as if they were really feeling it. LOL!

The best part came in the end when DD2 declared, "I think you're getting less fat Mom. Before your tummy was this fat (with her hand hovering just over my tummy) and now you're just this much fat (with her hand atop my tummy.)"

Thank you dearie!