The Silver Lining

One of the benefits of being forcibly confined to my bed is that I've been able to scrap. I used to do this more often but slowed down considerably last year. Burnout? Maybe. I just was not feeling it. Uninspired. Blah. Too busy.
At the start of the year, as part of my Project Life, I wanted to scrap my weekends too. I am taking on a more liberal approach with my Project Life. I know that I will not be able to take 1 picture a day everyday for 365 days. There were days last year that I just took a pic just for the sake of taking a pic. There seemed a disconnect. So, this year, I am giving myself more leeway. Some days I may take more than 1 photo. Some days I may take none. On the weekends, I'd like to take at least 1 or 2 and then scrap what we did during the weekend and include that in our Project Life album. In this way, I've taken the ease of documenting our lives with Project Life and paired it with my desire to be more creative.
I've scrapped the first 2 weekends of January. I'm working on the 3rd weekend right now. Along the way, I was inspired to scrap a page just because I liked a series of photos I took. It felt so good to scrap again. The satisfaction of churning out something beautiful and being creative gives me the warm fuzzies. Love it!
I am not happy with my Rose Parade page but I've decided that I'm done with it. It documents the experience and I'm moving on. After getting over that hump, things were moving smoothly once again.
I haven't bought any new kits/supplies. As long as I'm still able to use my stash, I'll keep to supplies I already have. Unless I am really wowed by a kit I see and have a specific page in mind where I can use it, I think I won't be digishopping any time soon.


Gabi | Monday, February 07, 2011 7:03:00 PM

I like your take on Project life, Joy. I discontinued mine after 2 years, mostly because I was tired of "must" taking a photo every single day.
I love your layouts,it's good to see you scrapping again! xoxo