Looking Beyond the Obvious

The month of February started out as challenging, with me on bed rest. Yet, I felt assured because my parents had providentially arrived on the same day I was discharged. What evidence of God's love!
But the week ended with my Dad going into the E.R. with excruciating stomach pains while DH was on a 24-hour duty at work.
I could've sulked. I could've felt sorry for our situation. However, I choose to look beyond! Despite the obvious "troubles," I choose to see the ways God is manifesting His love for us through other people. Yes, Lord...I am choosing to give thanks in all and every circumstance and so I continue with my list of 1000 gifts...

81. Lolo and apo walking to religious education classes
82. Lola's home-cooked meals
83. offers of assistance and calls of comfort
84. peace of mind
85. unexpected and much-welcomed pizza for lunch
86. family dinner time on TV trays in our room
87. The Sound of Music and friends
88. acts of service towards our family
89. more news of blessings from heaven
90. a bag full of books to read
91. the silver lining
92. fixed washing machine c/o handy hubby
93.successful endoscopy for Lolo