Gratitude Leads to Joy

Continuing my way to 1000 gifts, I have been making a conscious effort to look for the gifts that were coming my way despite some unfortunate situations. Focusing on the positives was making me more thankful. Being more thankful was making me happier.

Oftentimes, I think that I am more thankful when I am happy, when I feel so blessed. Seems natural right? However, this experience of listing 1000 gifts and being thankful has made me happier.

Am I thankful because I am happy? Or am I happy because I am thankful?

Gratitude always brings about joy. My life isn't all fun and laughter. There is sorrow, pain and tears too. And maybe that's why St. Paul exhorts us to give thanks in all circumstances. He knew that once we are able to give thanks at all times in every situation, joy will permeate our lives and radiate from within. And then we can be true witnesses of the life that God gives His people.

And so my list continues:
94. re-stocked fridge and pantry
95. unexpected words of encouragement via a Facebook comment
96. successful surgery for Lolo
97. loads of food delivered by a friend
98. positive homeschool news from a friend
99. Lolo has been discharged from the hospital
100. end of bed rest
101. baby shower
102.tulips and flowers given with love
103. a friendly chat
104. completed homeschool tasks
105. a considerate colleague
106. rest
107. time for reading
108. family dinner out
109. nesting
110. completed lesson plans
111. breakfast in bed
112. mobility
113. satisfaction of seeing learning happening with the kids