The Final Stretch

I am 37 weeks today. Definitely on the final stretch. I am walking funny, more like waddling along. My back is aching non-stop. I've got heartburn almost all the time. I am not sleeping well anymore. It's more like naps throughout the day and night. It's probably a way to get myself ready for the sleepless nights that are inevitable. I've been able to finish several books now. A friend has lent me a couple of titles. Right now, I am reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest," the third of a trilogy. It is an exciting read! TV has been a friend too. to be more precise, the DVR has been a good friend. Usually, I don't get to watch until the wee hours in the morning. Thank goodness for recorded shows. Otherwise, I'd be stuck watching bad B-movies, loads of infomercials with minor celebs giving sensa reviews or testimonials for all sorts of products. Honestly, I am so uncomfortable that I want it over already.
However, there are still practical things I need to attend to. I am currently putting together the kids' lesson plans for the next month so that the kids will know what lessons/pages they need to do each day. I also need to wash the baby clothes, blankets, etc and get those ready for when the baby comes. These are all trivial stuff, I think. The more important thing - that our hearts are ready to welcome this member into our family - is firmly in place. The kids are excited. Both DH and I are eager to see our newest blessing.
I know that this baby will be born at God's appointed time. I trust that He knows best.