Verizon's got the iPhone!

This is probably old news to techies out there. I heard about it recently. I wonder what will happen to AT&T now that they have competition in terms of iPhone service. DH and I have had our AT&T coverage for years now. It's such an old contract that they don't offer those terms anymore. We've got really good features in the package we have which makes it hard to switch phone carriers. AT&T gets a lot of flack for lack of coverage and plenty of dropped calls. While this is true, we really have not experienced too much of it. The places we go to are pretty much always in good range. I guess we do not go out too often!

Anyway, I know that many people I know are so fed up with AT&T's poor service but only stay with them because they used to be the only ones to carry the iPhone. There are other smart phones out there. There are good htc desire reviews as well as Blackberry raves but there's something about the iPhone, isn't there? The apple brand has a cult following. And you gotta admit, it's fun and easy to use!

DH was not an iphone fan at the beginning but when his palm phone died, he got the iPhone. It took a while to get used to but I think he finds it very useful and convenient now. He is thinking whether to switch to Verizon now. But he might wait for the iPhone5 before he seriously considers it. For now, we are staying put. How about you?