Yes, I'm suffering from insomnia lately. My sleep pattern has been something like this: fall asleep at around 12 am, wake up at around 2 am and cannot go back to sleep until 4 am. By around 7 am, my alarm goes off. Of course I hit snooze and do not actually get up til 8ish. Thank goodness for homeschooling! I do not have to get up and rush the kids to school. The kids have adapted to my late morning and sleep in too. Or even if they do not sleep in, I catch them reading or playing in their rooms while waiting for me to get up. Sometimes, they get too hungry and cannot wait for me so they make themselves some breakfast. I've put the bowls and cereals on the bottom shelf so they are able to feed themselves.

I'm not really sure if the bad sleeping habits have an effect on the baby. I hope not. I've been having some contractions lately, mostly Braxton-Hicks I would guess. However, I continue to pray that I reach at least the first week of March before I deliver.

Other than the insomnia, everything has been pretty normal. My blood sugar is well under control. Thank you Lord. I've been taking my prenatal vitamins similar to trimedisyn here. I was a little worried for a while that I'd be asked to take some iron supplements because my iron levels were a little below the normal range. I had to take thos before and hated them because they left me constipated! It was horrible!

So, about 6 weeks to go for this little baby within. We still have not decided on a name. The crib and stuff have not been assembled. I guess I'm not nesting yet? LOL! Or maybe just too tired to be nesting! Haha. Whatever! As long as this baby comes without complications and is delivered normally and healthily, I am happy.