Third Trimester!

Yup! I'm on my third trimester of pregnancy and I am feeling it unfortunately!

I have a difficult time sleeping now. Poor sleep coupled with full days are getting to me. I am tired most days. DH is still working non-stop so it's pretty much just me and the kids most of the time. When he comes home from work, he is super tired too that he just plops himself on the couch and falls asleep there.

My tummy is getting bigger and heavier, of course. I've gained about 12 lbs now which isn't bad at all because I was overweight already to begin with! LOL! The controlled weight gain has a lot to do with my gestational diabetes. I've been monitoring what I eat for fear that my blood sugar gets out of control and I will need to shoot myself with insulin. Because I've been controlling my food intake, particularly sweets and carbs, I think I'm actually healthier now than when I wasn't pregnant. I'm hoping that I can maintain this even after I've given birth so I won't have to resort to diet pills like apidexin to lose excess pounds.

The baby is moving a lot. Of course, as with most pregnancies, s/he moves when I am in bed and trying to get some sleep. I'm pretty sure that when this baby comes out, s/he will probably be immune to the noise and sounds of a big family. I know that at this stage, the baby can hear so it's heartwarming to think that she s/he comes out, all our voices will be familiar to him/her.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time with my impending due date. I know this is my fifth but the feelings do not change. I may be a little more confident, at least knowing what to expect already, but I also know that each delivery is different. Each delivery carries a risk. Yes, I am anxious but I try not to dwell on it. I remind myself each day that God has given me this and He will see me through it. It calms my heart when I think that God is in control. Whatever happens, I am at peace, knowing that my Father has me at the palm of His Hand.