Lazy Saturday

Sleeping in, DD1 tiptoes into my room...
"Mom, we had an early lunch..."
I look at the clock on the bedside table, wondering if I've slept through the whole morning.
"What do you mean early lunch? It's only 9:00. It's breakfast is what you had."
"Oh, well, we had lunch for breakfast."
Now, I understand.
"Ok, so what do you want?"
"Can we play Wii?"
And I close my eyes again.

My kids have come to the age when I can kinda trust them not to trash the house even when I am not right there physically in the same room. Sure, they can still make a mess and all but at least I know they can play safely. They know the rules. For the most part, they know what's safe and not safe. I feel like I can let them be for an hour or so, playing by themselves without the need for installing the best spy camera to make sure that everything is fine. Of course, I am just a in the next room or upstairs while they play downstairs. Yes, even DD3 has started to learn to be more responsible. There was a time that it was dangerous to let DD3 out of our sights. There have been numerous times in the past when I wish I had kept a closer eye on her. She needed constant surveillance or she could get in trouble in a snap. She is too curious for her own good. She continues to be curious but she now knows what is off-limits. Besides, the older kids kinda act as her babysitter. DD1, in particular,

So, yes, it's a lazy Saturday in our home. A wonderful break to our usually packed week.


B | Saturday, January 22, 2011 10:55:00 PM

Lazy Saturdays are good sometimes; its required to maintain sanity! Your kids seem cute - "mom we had an early lunch" :)