It's Raining Babies!

A slew of babies have been born to our cirlce of family and friends in the last month. In fact, 3 babies were born just the last 2 weeks! OMG!
DH's cousin gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Dec. 31. She came in to be induced the day before, was in labor for over 24 hours and they finally had to birth the baby via C-section. This was her first baby so I hope she was not too traumatized by the experience to not have any more. All the pain and hardships of pregnancy and labor disappears once you hold that baby in your arms, doesn't it?
3 of our sisters in community gave birth to baby girls. First one was born just before Christmas. The next 2 were born in the last week. Oh-la-la... girls galore.

This leaves me and DH's other cousin in the waiting game. She is due mid-February while I am due early March. I actually give birth about a week or 2 before my due date so I may as well give birth in February. However, I'm crossing my fingers that I reach March just so it isn't too near DD2's birthday which is on the 26th of Feb.

All these babies mean one thing: I need to go and find some of the best baptism gifts already before I give birth myself! Thank goodness for online shopping. It has seriously saved me from having to haul my pregnant self plus 4 kids into stores to buy presents. Although, I do like to support local Catholic gift shops so when I have time, I do go in and buy christening/first communion/confirmation presents there.