Six-pack Abs

Ok, so... I've never had these! And I've never really aspired for six-pack abs. I suppose I know myself too well. I know that there is no way I was going to do 100 reps of the needed ab workout just so I can have ripped abs. I have better things to do! LOL!

However, a toned body is a different story. I've never really gotten to that level of fitness either. But I aim to, one of these days.

I borrowed BIL's PX90 before. I had heard of awesome results with this fitness program. I tried it but did not really stick with it. In the beginning, I was hoping that this was something DH and I could do together. A friend of mine did with her hubby and it was a great experience for them both. In my case, DH did not want to join me. Yes, I know he does not need to lose weight. His problem is the opposite of mine. He needs to bulk up!

After I give birth, I think I will go back to using Jillian Michaels' 30-day shred. It worked for me when I was trying to lose weight for our Hawaiian vacation last year. The thing was that when we got back from Hawaii, I did not go back to my exercise routine! LOL!

This time around, since the wedding will not be until several months after I give birth, I am hoping to finally get some toned muscles by then. Woohoo!