Baby Shower

My group in our community will be throwing a baby shower for me in February. Usually, the couple sets up a baby registry. They get to choose what things they want to be gifted with. It's pretty much like a wedding registry, only you're choosing stuff for the baby this time.

During the first time we did this, DH and I went scanner crazy. After we were handed our Symbol LS2208 scanner, we went to the baby section of the store and scanned stuff we needed for the baby. After that, DH pulled me to the electronics department and started scanning big-ticket items like an entertainment system, TV, etc. LOL! I was mortified but DH was having a blast. He was kidding around and said that just because it was in the registry did not mean that guests would buy it. Our guests would be our friends anyway so they would know that we were being silly. Besides, he said, what if someone does take us seriously and get us a big-ticket item? Would we refuse it? LOL! Unfortunately (?), no one took our bait.

That was then.

The following baby showers I had, we did not have a baby registry anymore because we basically has everything that we needed. Guests gave us more practical presents like diapers, etc. Then there were those who asked us straightforward what we needed and I'd tell them exactly what we needed.

This time however, I really do not know what we need! A number of people have already lent us their stuff that aside from a car seat/stroller, there really isn't any more that I can think of. We've got our Arms Reach crib, a swing, a rocker, a tub, a bouncer, a sling and bottles. Someone had given us baby clothes too. I have yet to go through them to see exactly what clothes we still need. We'll probably need receiving blankets and cloth diapers that I like to use as burp cloths. Other than that, I don't foresee us needing anything else soon. Am I too laid back? Am I missing anything. I've only got 6 weeks to go and I have not prepared anything for this baby's coming! Is it obvious that this is my 5th child? LOL! We're not sweating the small stuff anymore. Mobiles, baby toys - they're not really important at this stage. This baby will have more love that he can ever need plus some. In my heart, I feel like he'll be a-ok.