Movies We've Enjoyed Lately

Surprisingly, we've been going to the movies more often recently. By recently, I mean the past year. I suppose it has to do with the kids' ages too. Even DD3 is now able to stay put in the theater seating focused on what's going on on the movie screen. We probably have another year or so of being able to do this before the new baby becomes a toddler and mobile.

We saw Shrek III last year. It was funny but nothing too memorable for me. The hard thing about watching animated films that have a more grown-up storyline is that my youngest does not fully understand it. She kept asking why Fiona did not know Shrek. She was confused by the whole alternate reality concept.

We also saw Toy Story III which I personally enjoyed a lot. And yes, I cried at various parts of the movie. DH and the kids tease me about it. Heck, we have the DVD. The kids were watching it and I happened to pass by. It was towards the end of the movie when Andy passes on Woody and the gang to Bonnie. OMG! I started tearing up! And then that scene when Andy drives away and you see Woody and the rest of the toys watch the car as it moves further away. Ha... I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it! Sigh... might I have some separation issues?

We also got to see Megamind and Despicable Me. We just got the Despicable Me DVD and the kids are smitten! They so take after their father in that they recreate scenes! It is so adorable. They've memorized dialogues. Yes, even DD3. What's even cuter is when they recite dialogues along with their dad. Soo cute! And I sit there with a funny smile on my face, enjoying this little quirk of our family. :)

DH and the kids also saw Yogi Bear last December while I was enjoying my pregnancy massage. I think they enjoyed that too. One of my indicators of whether they liked a movie or not is when they start spouting off lines from it. When they act out scenes from the movie and remember dialogues, I know the movie really hit the mark!

I wonder what is in store for 2011 in terms of animated movies. And I wonder what the kids will be acting out again?