Adventure time

Once upon a time, I had an adventurous streak in me. Back in the Philippines, I was introduced to rappelling and I enjoyed it a lot! It really is exhilarating. I was also hoping to try skydiving then except that it was way beyond my budget! When I told my dad about it, he asked if I was bored with my life. LOL! I guess I just wanted a different kind of thrill. Skydiving is still in my bucket list but it will probably have to wait until my kids have left the nest, so to speak. Or maybe when they're teenagers, we can do it together. :) Wouldn't that be awesome?

When we were at Sedona a few years ago, there was an ad for an outdoor exploration aboard an ATV. If my kids were older, I would have taken that adventure. It just was not safe for the smaller ones. The ATV Tires might be even taller than my baby then. No way I was putting her in harm's way.

Sure, I may not be the same thrill-seeking gal I was when I was single. Perhaps I just seek a different type of thrill nowadays. The thrill of being able to sleep in. The thrill of doing the groceries without any kids in tow. The thrill of having alone time with DH.

Ahhhh...the thrills of motherhood. :)