Interesting Anniversary, part 1

Our 11th wedding anniversary just passed and it was "celebrated" in a highly unusual way! At the hospital!!

We were at Costco, shopping for food for the meeting we were going to host the next day at our home. DH was also looking to buy a new TV for my parents' room. They were coming in from the Philippines the next day too. As we were walking around, I felt funny - like there was pressure in my belly and some tingling sensations behind my legs. I told DH that we could not stroll about any longer. I was not feeling well and had to lay down. So we got everything we needed, paid for them and drove back home. When we got home, I simply put the food in the fridge, made myself a quick sandwich and went to my room to lay down.

The contractions started coming. I shifted position to lay on my left side. Contractions continued. I went to the bathroom hoping that emptying my bladder would relieve pressure. No change. Contractions continued. Started to time my contractions which I felt were coming really close together. Yep! 5 minutes apart with each contraction about 15-20 seconds long. I did not go to any medical assistant school or anything. From my own experience, I just knew this was not normal. I knew that it would be best to go to the hospital so they can try to stop the contractions. I did not want to give birth at 34 weeks!

We had a bit of a problem though. Where can we leave the kids? SIL was scheduled to watch the kids in the evening when DH and I were on our date but she wasn't ready to go to our house right then and there. Besides, it would take another 30 minutes or so for her to get to our house from her place. I was not sure it was a good idea to wait that long before going to the hospital. Fortunately, our good friend lived in the area of the hospital I was going to and she was home. DH asked her to meet us at the lobby of the hospital. We left the kids with her as DH wheeled me into labor and delivery...

{The rest of the story to come later...I think I need to lay down now.}