Making my List, Checking it Twice

The biggest shopping day of the year will be here soon. In anticipation of the deals that will be coming on that day, I've been making my list of friends and family and corresponding gift ideas.

For the kids, I usually look for deals in Toys R'Us and Target. For DH and other men in my list, I wait for coupons for their electronics. I already have homemade gift ideas for the women in my list. I just need time to actually make them! LOL! What I have the hardest time to shop for are the teenagers in my list. I usually just give them GC's to In N'Out or Baskin Robbins. I sometimes feel it's a cop out but I think they will appreciate those more than any kitschy gift item I may come up with. :)

I'm trying to get the very best deals this year in particular because money is tighter. The secret to giving good presents, I think is knowing the receiver. Throughout the year, watch out for little hints as to their interests. My SIL mentioned one year how she just adored this particular pic of her and my kids so I had that picture printed on canvas and gave it to her. It is now displayed in her home.

I really enjoy giving presents, particularly if I do not have a budget. Don't we all? More than the cost, I really enjoy seeing the delight and joy in their eyes when they open up their present and knowing that I've given them the perfect present. :)