I Voted Today

It was a chance to have our conservative voices heard today in this very liberal state of ours. I am watching the news right now and looks like a number of the pro-life, pro-family values candidates I voted for have been defeated. It is a little disheartening of course but we should not lose hope. We will continue to pray and work to reclaim this country for the kingdom of God.

I knew that our state is primarily liberal. It is very much a blue state. But I was still hoping that somehow changes were to be had with this election. Our state is in dire straits. Much need to be worked on. I hope that the elected officials will work to turn around the situation of the state. It requires a complete and thorough overhaul. Evil and immorality have to be rooted out. It cannot be simply a cosmetic change from a republican governor to a democrat. It would be like simply applying acne cleansers to a severely blemished skin. Something deeper has to be done.

I know that the journey will be long and hard. But we will not be disheartened. Though it is a difficult fight, we know that we are upholding what is right and what is true.