Heard Around the House

Here are some quips, some endearing, others funny, that have been uttered around the house lately. I've posted some of them on Facebook but I wanted to put them on one spot here. Most are from DD3 because she's just at that age when almost anything she says is funny. LOL! And loves it when she makes us laugh!

"Mommy, who do you love me so much"
"Why did the lost king become a mama?" : as we were reading Tut's Mummy: Lost and Found
"This is like the book about the chicken mommy!!" :referring to the book on Egyptian mummies
"What happens when you don't have eyebrows? You will look funny!!"
"When you're mad, you still love us. When you're happy, you still love us too!"
"I prayed to Jesus so you will not be mad at the kids, ok?"

"Mommy, this is not for me. I'm just making (DD2) breakfast because she's not feeling well. She has too much sipon."
"Mommy will never leave us. She and Daddy will never ever leave us!"
"If saints become saints after they die and go to heaven, how can St. Nicholas come down and leave presents for kids?"