They've Only Just Begun...

My sister-in-law got married over the weekend. Of course, all 4 kids were part of the entourage. DS was the Bible bearer while the 3 girls were the flower girls. To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous for the girls, not because I was worried they would throw a tantrum or anything but because I was not sure how to fix them up. No way was I going to spend to have their hair and make-up done!! Fortunately, I found these uber cute but elegant flower headbands at Etsy and the seller was willing to make coordinated ones just for the 3 girls. Etsy is truly full of wonderful handmade creations. It's fun to shop there or even just to browse. They have crafty stuff like rubber stamps, fashionista items like scarves and bags and even jewelry items. It's pretty reputable too. I have not had a bad experience so far with any of my dealings with the sellers there.
Back to the wedding, it was beautiful. SIL was a radiant bride and I was truly happy for her. There were a few emotional moments of course but overall it was a joyful occasion.
Now that they're married, I wish them nothing but happiness. May they face their future together with faith and love.