Birthdays Galore

October is a big birthday month for us. Mine just passed. SIL celebrates her bday today and MIL's birthday is on Sunday. Then I just found out that the twin sons of SIL's new hubby have their birthdays on Monday. Oh my!

I have trouble enough looking for presents for one person, now I need presents for 4 people! I am so behind this year. Usually, I'd have presents lined up way before the birthdays come up. This year, however, I have not done anything at all! And I have absolutely no idea what to give. Just too busy (and lazy perhaps?) to do any shopping. Was that me talking?

We gave MIL a digital frame last year and SIL a canvas print of a photo of her and my kids. SIL loves cupcakes and I was thinking of gifting her with a dozen cupcakes from her favorite bakeshop but DH is pooh-poohing the idea. Hmp. Let's see him come up with gift ideas!

Oh well...