Must-do Chores

I know that as mommies, the list of chores is endless. I can never seem to be fully on top of everything. From the beginning, I've never enjoyed housework. I know of some friends who clean to relieve their stress. Not me! I get added stress just thinking about cleaning. LOL!
However, I've learned that doing 2 particular chores every day makes my day go by smoother. Making our bed in the morning. Cleaning the kitchen sink in the evening. There are 2 things I learned when I was subscribed to FlyLady.
Making the bed in the morning definitely makes a huge difference in making the room seem tidier. Even when there are toys on the floor, if the bed is made, somehow, the chaos does not seem overwhelming to me. Plus, having a made bed somehow deters me from climbing onto it often during the day.
A clean kitchen sink at night also helps to give the appearance of a tidier home. I don't necessarily scrub the sink but just make sure that all or at least most of the dishes have been put away and things are neat and tidy. A simple wipe down of the counters to make sure that crumbs are cleaned up and food spots are wiped off go a long way to make a more pleasant morning at the kitchen.
Do you have chores that have become a part of your daily must-do's? I'd like to hear about them.