Do You Dress Up for Halloween?

My kids do. DH and I usually don't. We did not really grow up celebrating Halloween back in the Philippines. I'm probably showing my age here. LOL! I only started celebrating it when I taught preschool and our school would have Halloween parties. Naturally, we teachers would have our own Halloween parties too. I think those were the few times I dressed up for Halloween.

My kids dress up for Halloween, of course. So far, I have not had problems with the costumes they've chosen.

As we were at the costume store last week to get costumes for the kids, DD1 and I were having a hard time choosing a costume for her. Many of the princess costumes were not in her size anymore. Many of the costumes that were in her size were either scary or too revealing for my taste. I do not want my daughter to dress up like a teen rock star wearing mini skirts and tight shirts. Nor does she want to dress up like a witch, no matter how "beautiful and cute" the costume is. This is when I realized that I am blessed that I am homeschooling my children. These costumes reflect the values that are held high in society today. These are the costumes children wear these days. I am sure that this type of fashion is readily available and seen in schools today. I am so glad that I do not have to battle with my daughter on that. Girls are growing up much too fast these days. I would not be surprised if some teen girls are already lathering up on eye wrinkle cream. Gosh, I've heard of teens going for plastic surgery and Botox! Geesh!

I'm glad that by homeschooling my girls, I am able to allow them to come into age on their own terms and in their own time, without the pressure of keeping up with the rest of the population.