Trick or Treat 2010

The kids had a full day today. They had an all saints' celebration at our community gathering. We had saint games and the kids received candy loot bags as prizes.
DH was at work so he was not able to join us in the morning. He said that he would be able to come home early to join the kids in trick or treating.
Before coming home, he picked up MIL and had her car checked. the battery had died earlier. He took MIL to the house so she could see the kids. At first, he said that he was too tired to take the kids around the block. While I was getting ready to take the kids trick or treating, he jumped in and said that he would take them instead. The kids were thrilled!! Daddy had not taken them trick or treating in years! Honestly, I was glad he changed his mind. I was starting to feel pain in my lower abdomen because of the baby and I was not sure if I would be able to make it around the neighborhood.
MIL was pretty excited too. She decided to tag along and watch the kids trick or treat. I was happy that she got to spend time with her grandkids.
The kids came home with loads of goodies, candies and chocolates. A lot of the chocolates were given to the grandparents. I'm not too sure if that was a good idea since they're both diabetics. Hmm...
Did you go trick or treating with your kids too? Do you rummage through their loot for some chocolates too? Just be careful though. I've always been told that too much chocolate can cause skin blemishes. A mild acne treatment might be in order after pigging out on loads of yummy chocolate. Don't say I didn't warn you!