An End to the Junk

Elections are coming up in a few days. DH and I are mailing in our absentee ballots. This was our first time to do it. Our lives are just much too busy these days to actually go to the polling center before it closes are 8pm. But we really do want to do our civic duty and vote.

These are much-contested elections with candidates just firing away at each other. Unions and other groups back different candidates according to different criteria. One major headache for me as a voter is the deluge of election ads and pamphlets I get in the mail! I do not recall having had to deal with this much election paraphernalia in previous elections. It is too much!

Normally, we get junk mail that we can immediately toss in the recycling bin. They consist of store ads, fastfood coupons, hair loss ads, lipofuze reviews and the like. I don't mind those as much because they don't have our names so I just take a quick glance and onto the blue bins they go.

These election junk, on the other hand, contain our names and addresses. It makes it more tedious for me since I have to tear our the part where our names and addresses are printed before I toss the rest out. Then I have to shred the torn parts to safe guard our identities.

So, aside from finding out who the winners of the elections are, I am also looking forward to the end of the junk mail!!