19 Weeks ...

Can you believe that I am 19 weeks pregnant already?! I am halfway there. It's crazy how fast time flies, doesn't it?

Here's an excerpt on what is happening to my body and baby right now.

"During weeks 16 to 20, your umbilical cord grows and gets thicker. This is the cord that carries blood and food from you to your baby. Your baby is now able to pass urine, and your baby's first stool (meconium) is starting to collect in its intestines. Hair is also beginning to grow on your baby's head.

Sometime between 18 and 22 weeks, you will start to feel your baby move. At first, these small fetal movements feel like fluttering or “butterflies.” Some women say that they feel like gas bubbles. As the baby grows, these movements will become stronger.

Around your 18th week, your baby will be about 8 inches long and weigh about 8 ounces. You will start to "show," so that you look pregnant to people around you. You may also notice some changes in your skin, such as itchy spots on your palms or acne on your face."

I sure hope this does not mean that I will need to get some acne cream soon. :( I'm definitely looking more pregnant now. I will have to do some shopping since my clothes are getting a little too tight now. I don't have any more of my old maternity clothes because I gave them away already. Haha.