Going to Bridal Shower

I will be attending my SIL's bridal shower this coming Sunday and I still have not bought her a present. What does one usually get a bride-to-be? I think the bridal shower present has to be something specifically for the bride, don't you think? I don't want to give her home stuff because well, isn't that what you give a couple for their wedding?!
I ran across some naughty nurse costumes and I immediately thought of getting one for her. Haha. Would this be a gift for her or a gift for the groom-to-be? If I do get this, I hope that there won't be any opening of presents during the shower itself. If it were just us younger ones, I don't think I'd be embarrassed to be a giver of such a present. But my mom and MIL and oher older folks will be there too. I don't want to embarrass them! LOL!