Be prepared...

Even when I was working outside the home, the income I was taking home was very minimal. We still relied heavily on DH's pay. It was almost as if we were practically living on one income. Because of this, early on, we looked for good life insurance quotes that would significantly decrease the financial stress on our family should something happen to DH. Even though I do not bring in money, we have taken out a life insurance for me too. Why? Well, should something unfortunate happen to me, the cost of childcare for all my 4 children while DH works outside the home is still quite significant. And when the insurance is paid out, I hope that it will allow DH to lessen his work hours so he can spend more time parenting the kids.
As a stay-at-home mother and wife, I am able to stay home because DH is able to earn enough to provide for our families. I'd like to think that the reverse is also true. DH has the freedom to work longer hours because I am able to stay home and be a hands-on parent to the children.


Donna | Friday, September 17, 2010 6:48:00 AM

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