Officially a Homeschool Family

Yes, we have been homeschooling my 2 girls the past year. However, DS, my eldest son continued to be at regular school. DH was not too keen in pulling him out of school and disrupting his routine, separating him from his friends, etc. `DH was adamant about it. There was to be no more discussion about it. I respected his decision and said no more. I continued to pray, however. I prayed that if this was the path God wanted our family to go, that He would touch DH and lead him to allow me to homeschool DS too.

I did not push the issue because DS was growing in his school. He was enjoying himself and learning a lot. He was growing into a good young man. Maybe this was where God wanted him to be. He had good friends. I felt comfortable with his friends' families. I could totally imagine him growing up with these boys up to their teenage years when they will be concerned about acne treatments and what nots. I did not have any problems with the school nor his classmates and friends.

Homeschooling all the kids together was just going to be more convenient for me in terms of schedules and activities. But my sincere prayer was that we be at the exact place where God wanted us to be.

At the end of the school year, DS mentioned that he wanted to be homeschooled. I wasn't sure if he was serious so I asked him to talk to his dad. They talked. We talked. They talked again. We talked again. After a lot of talking, we've finally decided to homeschool him too. I still need to talk to his former school and officially pull him out.

I am so excited about the coming year. It will be a new challenge for sure but it feels right. So, yeah, we're now officially a fully homeschooling family. ♥