Camp Photo

I have not processed any of the recent pics I've taken. Just been slacking a lot! I've also been spending less time in front of the computer so less time for post-processing and stuff.

Just want to share this photo of our tent during DS' Scout camping. Do you see the tiny cot? Can you imagine how uncomfortable that is? Can I get some sympathy now for my lack of sleep? LOL!

Can you also see the dirt?! OMG, the dust was so much, especially in the dry hot weather. Our legs were dirt-crusted, I swear! At the end of the trip, I felt like I had to have a pronexin treatment because my pores were so filled with dust that it was going to need an intense treatment so I would not break out in acne!

I hope to share more pics someday. My creative mojo is just missing right now and I'm not even inspired to take pics or anything. Sigh. Oh well...