Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Today is the start of the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which will be celebrated on June 11. I found 2 novena prayers.

Here is one.
Here is a second one that was said to be recited by Padre Pio daily for those who asked for his prayers.

Personally, I have started to become reacquainted and to gain a much better appreciation for these traditions of the church. Novenas seemed to me, as a child, to be things that old people prayed. I had no connection to it. Maybe I am getting older and that is why I am starting to have a yearning for these thing. LOL!

My attraction is most likely influenced by my exposure to the Catholic families in my homeschool group. They have such deep love for the Catholic faith that I cannot help but try to dig deeper and see what it is exactly that they find so attractive. I have never had any intention to leave the church. Yet, I feel that I have not had a deep connection to the Catholic church life in the way that some of these families do. And I like that. I am not trying to compare myself to them. I am being inspired by them. Thank you Lord for leading me to them