Arthritis Foundation Walk

We spent our morning yesterday at the Arthritis Foundation Walk. I had never been to a walk for a cure event before so I'm not sure what is typical and not typical of such events. There were a lot of booths handing out free stuff. Is that how it usually is? My kids were in heaven! LOL! They were handing out food for the most part so the kids were really enjoying it. Actually, there were brochures on different services being offered, some how-to's, precautionary notes on arthritis, warnings about side effects of diet pills, etc. But we just got the food! LOL!
There were fun booths for the kids too - face painting, arts & crafts, bubbles, bounce houses. I was surprised to see that it was DS who was at the bubble station having a grand time blowing all the bubbles. It just made my pause and smile and be thankful. My boy is still a young kid, enjoying kid pleasures. Sigh... sometimes, he speaks so much like an adult that I am a little anxious that he will grow up too fast. I was reassured today that he's fine. And that calms my mommy heart a little bit.
The walk was sponsored by the group where DH is doing his fellowship. I got to meet some of his co-workers there.
Overall, it was a nice fun event. The kids had fun at the actual walk too. They (the girls) did take turns riding Daddy on piggy back but they walked most of the way. A nice way to start our busy weekend.