Learning What to Eat

Have you heard of the GAPS diet? I heard of it from several homeschooling families. They swear that it's been helpful to their families, particularly their children that have had some issues. One family had a diagnosed ADHD child. According to them, they were able to control the condition with the GAPS diet. It seems very interesting.

You can google it yourself and read all about it. I thought that it might be something nice to try. I was intimidated, to say the least! LOL! I have no compelling health reasons to try it so I don't think there is enough motivation to go through such an overhaul. It is a total overhaul of everything I've come to know. It's not one of those fad diets or sensa scam you see on the internet that promises easy fixes. This is very upfront and tells you that you have to stick with it to see results. They even ask you to stick with it for at least 2 years to make sure that you reap the benefits! i know it's not for weight loss specifically but I'm sure that would be an added bonus. Eating naturally makes logical sense to me but how much am I willing to forego the conveniences of prepared foods? I honestly do not know.