Night Shift is so Stressful

DH is on night shift once again and it is so unbelievably stressful!!! I know that we get to stay in bed and have a good night's rest while DH has to work. BUt believe me when I tell you that it is equally stressful for us too. Why, you say?

Let me ask you, how do you keep 3 kids quiet for most of the day so that DH can catch some winks? We do not have a big house nor do we have soundproof walls. Sound travels very well across these walls. Even when we are in the living room downstairs, the kids' voices easily travel up to our bedroom. Our bedroom is right above the kitchen where unfortunately, cupboard doors create quite a din when it's slammed open and shut. I've tried to put those cushion pads on the doors so that when they are closed, they don't slam quite as hard but it's really no help. The best way is still to gently close cabinet doors. Well, I can do that. It's the rest of the house that can't remember. LOL! Sometimes, they remember to close gently. But most days, they forget!

All these things help diffuse a bit of the stress caused by the change in schedule. But it's really like opting to put preparation-h when you should really be getting hemorrhoids treatment. LOL! What an analogy, huh? What I'm trying to say is that we're trying to alleviate the symptoms but not really changing the situation. Not that we have much of a choice right now. 3 months down...10 more to go and hopefully, our lives will be back to normal!