A Thrilling Grey's Anatomy

Ok, another TV post...I know. But did you see the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last Thursday?! OMG! What a thriller! It so made up for the rest of the ho-hum episodes of the past months. From the very first few minutes to the last ones, I was glued to my seat wide-eyed in anticipation, fearful for what might happen to the characters.

It definitely felt a little ER-ish with the OMG!Did that just happen scenes. But I enjoyed it. I'm really starting to like the characters again.

On a sidenote, have you noticed how Callie seemed to have lost a ton of weight? I wonder which are the diet pills that work for her? I think I kinda liked her before better. Oh well, matter of taste. She still rocks though!

I'm really looking forward to the next season and see how this changes everyone.