A Ho-Hum 24

My last TV post, I promise. Well, at least for now. It's that time for season and series finales. And last Monday was 24's. After 8 seasons, the series has ended. And it was kinda ehhh for me.

After an awesome and truly emotion-filled LOST finale the night before, I must've been expecting too much from 24 when I shouldn't have. This season seemed one of the weaker seasons. I was hoping they were going to make it up with a mind-blowing finale. I was disappointed that there did not seem to be any closure for Jack. It felt like a season finale not a series finale. There's news that they will be making a movie so maybe that is why they kept it open. Still, I was unimpressed. I might as well have been reading auto insurance quotes. I really was not happy with the finale. And honestly, that makes me less inclined to even see the movie should they be making one for real. They should've just given us the ending already rather than stringing us along again. Not falling for it anymore.