Spring Break = Family Time

We took off a week from school last week for a spring break at Oceanside. I mentioned in an earlier post that my aunt and uncle came to visit from Milwaukee. What I forgot to mention was that we also saw my cousin and his family who were visiting from New Jersey. They were in the area during Holy Week. It was such a coincidence that they stayed with cousins who went to the same parish where the kids presented their Stations of the Cross. They came to the presentation and we got to visit for a little bit. It was so nice to reconnect with family. The last time I saw my cousin was in 2002. DH and I had just moved into our new house. We only had DS then. My mom and dad have been able to go to their home in New Jersey several times already. We have not. They're asking us to come visit them some time soon. Ummm...airfares for 6 people is no small expense. It's something that's got to be planned well and saved up for. If we do decide to visit them, we'll be able to visit some friends in New York too plus another cousin who lives in Philadelphia. I really find it fascinating how in the East coast, you could live in one state and be working at another state. Ex., you could live in NJ and have city of philadelphia jobs or my cousin who works in NYC but lives in NJ. Fascinating... to me at least.
Anyway, I hope we do get to visit them one day. Maybe once the kids are older and we're studying US history, we can make a field trip of it. There are so many historical places over there. Going there will really make our history lessons come alive more.