Project 365: March 2010

I've survived another month of taking daily photos. I must admit that there are days when I have absolutely no idea what pics to take. And there are days when my pics are so uninspired because I'm taking the pics just for the sake of not missing a day. I expected those days to come. And the important thing is to trudge along until I get over that hump.
For the month of April, I am actually enrolled in the Picture Spring class at Big Picture Scrapbooking where Tracey Clark gives us a daily prompt to spark our creative minds. I have not done all the prompts because we were away last week for spring break. My aunt and uncle were here from Milwaukee. It's become their annual visit. I suppose they enjoy having the kids around. My kids can be quite adorable for the most part. LOL! They were never able to have kids so I think they long for the hugs and kisses kids give unconditionally. My aunt is now retired. My uncle still dabbles with selling term life insurance online and offline. For the most part though, they travel together around the US.
In our homeschool, we are on our fourth quarter already! Almost done! We've survived our first year. And I think we're doing quite well. I am so proud of the progress my girls have shown. I am quite proud of myself too! Thank you God for your grace and guidance. Here's to more years of homeschooling.