Looking Forward to a Visit

My brother will be arriving from Manila in a week. He will be coming for a short 2-week vacation. We're all so excited to see him of course. I am particularly curious to see how much weight he's lost. He proudly bragged that he had lost about 19 lbs since around the start of the year. He's counting his calories, exercising regularly and taking his multivitamins. I hope that seeing his success will inspire to get myself back on track.

He will be here with his girlfriend. They're vacationing together but she will be staying with her relatives who live nearby. He turns 30 this coming Friday so this is his birthday treat for himself. He was actually originally scheduled to have come this weekend. After he had made plans, he learned that he was being sent by his company to a 3-day event that could take him to Cannes if he does well. This was not an opportunity to be passed over. This will be good for his career. So he will spend his birthday working instead of vacationing but what's a few days of delay in the big scheme of things, right?