A dear friend had her baby about 3 weeks ago. I am beyond thrilled for these new parents. This picture was taken during her baby shower in March. She is celebrating her 30th birthday today and what a gift this baby is, don't you think?
I've visited her a few times to bring her meals. I know how much help it is to not have to think about what you will have for dinner when you're sleep-deprived. I feel like an older sister to her. To be able to share some of the things I've learned through the years feels great. I don't have a sister of my own so I feel this is my chance to be pass on some mothering advice. My bottomline mothering advice? Listen to the advice given you but listen more to what your heart tells you. I've read a lot of books. I've listened to other mothers. I've watched other parents. There are a lot of theories on parenting. Some may work for you. Some may not. Mothers know their children best and should decide to do what is best for their children. I think that what's important is knowing ahead of time the values you want instilled in your children. How to teach those values may differ from child to child. I've discovered that even with my own children, what works well for one child will not necessarily be as effective for another. This will be true whether you are seeking relief for a colicky baby or searching for school options for your school-aged child or researching acnepril reviews for your acne-prone teenager. Keeping your eyes on God's will while listening with your heart to your child will allow you to move in the right direction. Yes, it's much easier said than done. Self-doubt can creep in for sure. We are bound to make mistakes. But I think that we make mistakes when we fail to do one of both of the things I just mentioned: looking to God & listening to your child.
My friend is right at the beginning of her journey to motherhood. I am a few years ahead of her. A lot of other mothers are far more advanced. There is one truth I know for sure: Once we've started our journey, it will only stop at the moment we breathe our last.