Road to Reading

Reading to the kids is a precious gift. It won't be long before they can start reading for themselves, and they won't be asking you to read to them anymore. And I know that I will miss these days. Sometimes, they also serve as reminders to slow down. When the kids ask me to read to them, there can't be any short cuts. They know the story. They know if you've missed a page. I love that they enjoy listening. I love that they enjoy "reading". My children have been exposed to books early on. They have an abundance of picture books, board books, story books, etc. There is something about holding a book and snuggling up to read through it that cannot compare to snuggling up to your Acer Aspire laptop in bed. LOL! I must admit, I am a computer lover myself. I cannot imagine myself without a computer in the house. But that's me. All grown up. I do not want my children dependent on the computer to entertain them.
So far, I'm glad that while the children do enjoy their computer and video games, they are not a huge part of their lives. These games serve their purpose: occasional treats. And that is how I want them to stay.