Game On!

There's another Manny Pacquiao fight this Saturday against Clottey. And this just might be Pacquiao's last bout? He is running for a government position in the Philippines in the coming May elections. Maybe Clottey can punch him in the noggin and knock some sense into Manny? Seriously!!
Anyway, this is a replacement fight for what should've been a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. During negotiations, demands were made and they eventually could not find common ground. I think Mayweather was scared. He was demanding blood testing at random times leading up to the bout. Pacquaio initially refused but compromised later on. Mayweather refused to budge an inch. In a way, he was alleging that Pacquaio had something to hide: use of steroids or any of the best muscle supplement that could explain his buffed up body. Pacquaio and his handlers deny these allegations of course and accuse Mayweather of setting out unfair demands because he is afraid of Manny. What do you think?
At any rate, Manny will be winning another bout this Saturday. We will be watching it at our friend's house. I hope it'll be a good bout. But what I'm really looking forward to is the get-together with friends.