TV News

What are you watching on TV lately? Grey's Anatomy is back on after the holidays. That is part of my Thursday night TV marathon, followed by Private Practice. 2 shows in a row hardly qualifies for a marathon, I know...but you know what I mean. In the age of DVR, I just record TV shows and watch them when I find time which I find is less and less these days. 24 is starting its last season tonight. That's one of the few shows DH and I watch together. It's our Monday night date. LOL! I'm also really excited for last season of LOST which will start in February. I've asked DH that when we go to Hawaii, we should definitely check out the place where they filmed LOST. Ooooh...exciting!!! Other shows I record are The Good Wife on CBS and FlashForward on ABC.
One show that I recently caught on Bravo was Tabatha's Salon Takeover. It's interesting. Tabatha has this strict demeanor but you can really see her passion and desire to help these struggling salon owners. She can be brutally frank but seem to always have the salon's best interests in mind. I've seen a few shows and I like that when she makes over the salon, the salon keeps its original feel, only updated with more modern touches like POS systems and cleaner, more streamlined layout and design.
How about you, what are you watching on TV?